About Us

Universe Logistics is a dynamic and innovative company in the world of freight forwarding.

The client is the main importance for us and the service is built based on personal needs for optimal treatment. As so our guiding principal is the attention to the present needs of our clients who work in the business of international trade and logistics, with an emphasis to service in the personal level and future needs.

The founder of the company- Moshe Razabi, began his way in the freight forwarding business in 1975 in "Global" ltd. In 1998 he founded "Universe Line" which mainly dealt in international freight forwarding, import and export. In 2002 the company expanded its services and started dealing with customs clearance and changed its name to "Universe Logistics"International shipping company licenses and customs clearance.

Universe Logistics company works in cooperation with the  IATA association and Senator International.

In addition, the company has two international organizations:
WFA - World Freight Alliance
GAIN - Global Alliance Integrated Network.